Monday, August 13, 2012

What's it worth?

My cousin, Betty, has decided to part with her 1967 Mustang coupe.  What cemented her decision is the death of her brother last week since he was the one who did all the mechanical work on the car.  I hate to see her get rid of it and I'm sort of tempted to buy it, but then I'd have two projects again.  That the reason I sold my Kawasaki 750 LTD because I was working on it to make it nice and the Mustang sat orphaned in the garage for a year.   She lives in the Louisville, Kentucky area. 

The '67 is an "OK" car, but in need of work to make it a nice car.  It has a clean and clear title.  I'm in a quandary  about the car and what happened to it in the past since it's a 67 with 68 rear quarters on it.  It's a 289 2V that is stock, sans dual exhaust, headers, and a retrofit Duraspark II ignition system.   It has power steering and I believe power drum brakes--or the pedal has the power brake chrome circle on it.  The wheels and tires are in nice shape.  She had the Mustang's Unlimited "Grab-a-Trac" suspension put on and ran it in SCCA events on-and-off.   Here are some pictures of it as it sits.  I was limited to the camera on my phone and so the quality isn't the best, especially with my fat finger over part of the lens.

I am not sure of the miles on it and forgot to look since I took these pictures right after going to Betty's house after the funeral and needed to hit the road to get back home.

Some of the bad:  The front floors for sure will need to be replaced.  There is visible rust there.  The paint is so-so and is showing some popping off at the rear quarters and edge of the vinyl roof.  I noticed the driver's side front apron has signs of a collision as there are wrinkles in it.  The radiator cross member and support look OK though.  It looks like the right passenger seat either has a seat cover on it or is upholstered in a different fabric.  The back seat looked OK.

I drove this right after the front suspension work a few years ago and it's a nice driving Mustang.  It's no powerhouse, but everything works that I know of.  I'll get in contact with my cousin and find out mileage, VIN, and see if she can take some more pictures, especially the underside. 

So fellow Mustanger's, what would you think something like this would be worth?   Any suggestions would be appreciated...and any reasonable offers considered.

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  1. Some more info on the car....The engine and transmission aren't original. It came out of a later model Granada (75-80). It shows 123K miles. More pictures are forthcoming. Based on what I've seen in the market, it's probably worth something in the mid $3K range. Suggestions or offers will be considered. Thanks.