Monday, March 4, 2013

Defying Gravity - Part 2

The decision making process each of us goes through is usually weighted to our individual expectations, needs and desires.  That went into the search and eventual purchase of my "other woman," the fastback.   Then we spend countless hours in the planning and direction each of us want our beloved Mustangs to go.  

Originally, I didn't know this was a 1-of-1 Mustang.  "The Plan" was first to do an "Eleanor" tribute car.  But that was a 1967.   Then the direction was to do a "Bullitt" tribute since our 1929 Ford hot rod was green...1990 Silver anniversary Mustang green.  I bought a black console for a manual transmission car and started in that direction, minus the S code 390.   Then I ordered the Marti Report that was new at the time and did the option breakdown.  Figuring the car was somewhat rare because of the color, I never expected it to be a 1-of-1 car.  Bugger.  And I wasn't a fan of the "Tahoe Turquoise".  It was a girly color and explained in my mind why it sat on a dealers lot for 10 months, not to mention Ford introduced this new for 1969 Mustang called the "Mach 1".   But after having this baby for closing on 7 years, the color has grown on me.  It won't be bone-stock when I'm done, but it could be put back without too much work.   Of course, that direction could still change.  (I still like that Emerald pearl 1990 Mustang color).

So where am I going with this?   I previously posted that I now have my wings back.  It's been fun...sort of.   2 of the airports I would have access to a rental plane are both 45 minutes one-way from my house.   They have a 3 hour minimum if you take the plane for a day.  So that eliminates long cross country trips.   So after much deliberation, coupled with some frustration on the part of one of the airplane operations,  I have joined a flying club.   Yup.  I now own a piece of 4 different aircraft.   And the minimum is 1 hour per day.  So now those trips to Omaha and Lexington are within reach.  

My application (and check for the share) were vetted and I got keys this past Saturday.  Today, I met with the club safety officer who is also a flight instructor and works maintenance at FedEx on the aircraft at Indianapolis  International Airport where their hub is located.  

I've flown a lot of airplanes in my day, but this one is sweet!   It's a Cessna 172 S model that has been upgraded to include such nicities as a full color moving-map GPS that is also coupled to a new multi-axis computer controlled autopilot.   I still have to get used to how all the tech gadgets work, but I should be up to speed in a couple of more hours.  This is one of the airplanes at the airport 15 minutes from my house....

And this is the cockpit with all the toys...

But it gets better.   The other airplane they keep there is a new model Cessna 182T.  This has ALL the stuff including a full "glass cockpit".  The advantage is the GPS in the other airplanes, including the 172 are all the same, and the 'guts' of the glass cockpit GPS is the same.  So the transition between aircraft is easy.  So here's the 182....

...And here's a look at the glass cockpit...

I'm looking forward to my first cross-country trip with my wife and taking my kids and grandkids for a ride.  That will be fun.  But do not fret.  The Mustang is still in the picture and the next post will hopefully demonstrate 2 new body tools I've picked up to make quicker and better work on that knarled up rear quarter panel.

Until the next time.....


  1. Really cool Dennis! I hadn't ever even thought about flying clubs being an option. I always managed to talk myself out of the aircraft hobby with cost of ownership and/or rental but a club sounds like the way to go!

    1. It's really not a bad way to go. I'm paying $11 less for a fully optioned 4 seat airplane per hour than for the little 2 seat trainer. Granted there's a "share" cost up front and monthly dues. But to rent an airplane like the 172 equipped like it would cost 50% more!!! Plus there's less people flying the planes and they take care of them like they owned them...which in reality, we do. For me to fly 3 hours a month, including dues, is no worse than a car payment. And since the Fusion is paid for, it was time to go flying. It would be great if you got into flying. I will warn you though--once you get in the air, the bug will bite hard!