Saturday, April 13, 2013

Happy Anniversary Eleanor!

I was going through my "baby book" on my fastback the other night sorting through the hundreds of pictures I've taken of the restoration.  I looked at the first couple of pages and saw the bill of sale on the fastback that my family calls "Eleanor."  If you're a true Mustang person, or even a muscle car person, you know the reference well.

Anyway, I realized that we brought this lady into our household on April 14, 2005.  Tomorrow is our 8th anniversary.

Wow!   It's hard to believe I've had her for that long.  Some marriages don't last as long as the "relationship" I've had with this vehicle.  

That reminds me what my wife said years ago.  "You won't leave me for another woman.  A car?  Yes."   So the love of my life has agreed to share me with the "other woman."  

So here's to our 8th anniversary Eleanor.   May we have many more years together.   And like my wife, you'll look better and better as each year goes by.


  1. Ha! It's great that your wife has come to terms with your "relationship". Hope you had a happy 8th with Eleanor.

  2. Thanks Alex. I've been recently chastised by some family members for dragging my feet on Eleanor. So since spring is trying to get here in Indy, I'll have to get this girl in shape.