Monday, February 24, 2014

The Trunk Lid - Part 3 - Quick Followup

Nothing fancy about this post.  It's just an update on the Dynacorn trunk lid.  I did contact Year One and they gave me an RA number.   They scheduled a UPS pickup day.  I repacked it so it was just like I got it.   UPS got it on this last Tuesday and today my credit card alert told me I had received a credit.   I checked.   Low and behold it was for the full amount I paid including shipping!  That was a pleasant surprise.  So my kudo's to Year One for their 5 star customer service.

Now on to the next task...the inside of the right front fender and the left fender strip and repair.


  1. Awesome! Can't ask for a better outcome... except for maybe a better repro. ;-)

  2. Well at least you can't complain about their customer service!!!