Thursday, May 26, 2011

Proteting Assets

It's been a week of severe weather in the midwest this past week.  Missouri got hit starting Sunday in Joplin.  Then this lovely system decided to place it's bullseye eastward.  It was Indiana's turn last night.  As I watched the line of storms laced with tornado watches that turned to warnings cross the Illinois border I decided I better try and get at least our Fusion into the garage, especially with reports of golf ball sized hail.

So in a matter of 20 minutes, I had tools stored, parts picked up, and the fastback moved over into a bay of the garage with enough room for the Fusion to fit.  (Thank heaven for those roller dollies)...

This is pretty much how the garage looked throughout the winter so I only have one vehicle (my truck) to clean ice and snow off in the mornings.   Anyway, the system rolled in on schedule, but lost some of its punch by 10 PM with no heating of the atmosphere to sustain the supercells that were dropping tornados 50 miles to our south.   The hail ended up being pea-sized and lasted only for about a minute.   So no damage was done, except possibly some to my wife's pure-bred roses.   This is twice so far this year I've gone through this exercise, but better to do this than deal with $1,800 worth of hail damage as I did with our last car.

It sure is nice to see the major front structure of the Mustang done.   I still have to add the brackets for the hood bumpers and drill some holes for the wire harness clamps, but that's easy compared to the rest.

Next week, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should be back at it putting the brackets on the radiator support and then moving on to the inside.   As it's been said, "You eat the elephant a bite at a time."

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