Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Baby Book

I have been to more car shows than I want to admit and probably more than my family wanted to attend.   Back in the day when I had my 29 Ford hot rod, I went to National Street Rod Association meets in Knoxville, TN, Columbus, OH, Louisville, KY, and Kalamazoo, MI.   The girls and their mom would head off to "Women's World" which was basically a huge bazaar and craft sale.  I would head out looking for other cars like mine to see how others hot rodded their car.

NSRA Nationals North, Kalamazoo, MI  September 1993 (with my girls)
One of the things I always looked for and then looked through was the "baby book" on the car.  It had all the documentation and history of the car, especially the restoration process.  Well, I too had a baby book for my 29 Ford, but it was all pictures and didn't amount to that many, just hitting the milestones and some of the more detailed and involved fabrication.

Well, I have started a "baby book" on the Mustang.... 

I have kept receipts on parts purchased on-line and through vendors.  I have all the paperwork when I purchased the car, but unfortunately, that's where the paperwork starts as there is no other paper trail on the car.   My girls talked me into getting a "vanity" plate for the Mustang...Eleanor, or in this case because it was already taken, "Eleanr".   I kept is until last year when I decided that she would not be an "official" Eleanor.   So thinking of the horsepower I'd like it to have, and my vocation as a pastor, the new plate was born: "REVVVV."   I also have my deluxe "Marti Report" too....

And I have a load of photos showing the work as it progresses, some of them I have shared here and others that will soon be posted. 

When the car is done, this book will accompany it, probably volume 2 or even 3.   Then others can look through the baby book and see how my Mustang has grown into the incredible machine she was when she rolled off the production line in February 20, 1968.

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