Friday, August 14, 2020

Engine - Out of the machine shop

This past Monday, the engine for the fastback came out of the machine shop and is now at Legacy Motorsports in Plainfield, Indiana.  The machine shop bill was higher than expected, but it definitely provided more than expected.

The original one-year only 4V heads were resurfaced just enough to clean them up without raising the compression, which is already 10.5:1 due to the small 53cc chambers.  They have all new valve guides and valves.  

The springs and seals came from the cam kit I ordered.  It will be assembled with the roller rockers and new pushrods.  So everything will be new.

The block was bored .030" over and didn't even need to be align bored.  The machine shop said it was in really good condition.  ARP rod bolts were installed and will be used in the main caps as well.

The crank was turned .010" undersized and also was in good condition.

I was expecting a standard cast aluminum piston.  Instead, I ended up with Speed Pro forged pistons with the 4 valve relief, again, to keep the compression around the factory 10.5:1. should be assembled and ready for pick up a week from today, barring any unforeseen circumstances.  Then I'll put it on the engine stand, add the valve covers, water pump, and get it all painted Ford corporate blue for 1968.  The flywheel arrived this week, but I'll wait to install that when the engine and transmission are ready to be installed.

Another post will follow this one soon updating the body work that's begun.

Until the next time...


  1. whew - you are cranking on it Dennis - keep up the momentum!!!

  2. Thanks RJ. I'm trying to spend more time on it. It seems retirement didn't slow down life. The engine build will probably end up about $700 over budget, thanks to the forged pistons and head work. But, it should be solid and reliable with a little bit of "fun" build in without going crazy.